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    BT Speeds Internet Access
    Give me unmetered Internet access you bastards!

    Cringely on Microsoft

    Gordo Brown's Pre-Budget Report: at a Glance

    BBC UK Politics
    The BBC's UK politics Page...

    Gene Shoemaker gets buried on the Moon....
    Nasa in another great PR stunt with cremated remanents of geologist. Cool!

    MP3: Latest version of WinAmp...
    The latest version of Winamp. 'Nuff Said.

    FreeServe: Should you sell?
    Sell! Don't Panic! Sell! Sell! Panic foolish breadheads!

    Comics - Warren Ellis Quits The Authority
    I read far to many of Warren Ellis's comics. The Authority is a very cool comic....

    Cartman: Being a Sellout is Sweet...
    Eric Cartman on why he buys shares in Freeserve.

    Slashdot: hacked!
    Why would anybody want to hack my favourite distributed-decryption project?

    FreeServe Share Price
    A link to a regularly updated Freeserve share price quote for all you breadhead internet investors out there....